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Comparison between flowerpots
- Apr 12, 2018 -

The more difficult the process is, the more difficult the red pottery pot is, the more difficult it is to do, the difficult to burn, the second of the purple flowerpot, the ceramic pot (surface glaze) again, the second of the sandstone pot, the FRP basin again, the plastic flowerpot again, and the wooden flowerpot again.

For the artistic effect, the red pottery pot has the most artistic effect, the purple sand pot is the second, the sandstone basin second, the ceramic pot (the surface glaze) again, the glass steel pot again, the wooden flowerpot again, the plastic pot again.

As for planting, red pottery flowerpot is the most breathable, purple sand pot, wooden flowerpot again, cement pot again, sandstone basin second, ceramic pot (surface glaze) again, FRP basin again, plastic flowerpot again.

Durability (service life), fiberglass flowerpot (good quality, three layers) durable, sandstone basin second, cement pot again, purple sand basin second, ceramic pot (surface glaze) again, red pottery basin again, wooden flowerpot again, plastic pot once again.