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European Landscape - Triumphal Arch Combination Flower Box
- Aug 01, 2018 -

European landscape - triumphal arch combination flower box

When it comes to landscape flower planters,in addition to road landscape planters,landscape flower planters are also used in residential areas.

Landscape flower planters,like other landscape pieces, bring environmental optimisation.

The design requirements of landscape flower planters are often high and need to be integrated with the environment. European landscape design has always been an important direction of landscape design, so the planters of European landscape design has wide applicability.


The new product of jiexin is European style triumphal door combination planter box, which adopts European elements, takes flower planters as the carrier of landscape, and combines the practicality and aesthetics of planter box.Light blue gives a Mediterranean openness.The design in the middle is delicate and beautiful, and there is a secret garden.


The new European-style Arc de Triomphe combination planter box has more advantages in price than other landscape pieces. The service life is long, the PVC surface is easy to clean, waterproof and flame retardant, and the flower box has good winter insulation effect.