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How Does The Plant Wall Be Made?
- Apr 12, 2018 -

I believe you are not familiar with the plant wall, we can see this artificial natural landscape in many places, but for its process, it is not so clear that people are not so clear, today, nine meters to uncover the production process of the plant wall.

(1) the exterior wall of the building is equipped with a framework for the installation of the plant wall greening module, with sufficient strength, stiffness, stability and resistance to the displacement of the main structure.

(2) in order to facilitate the installation and disassembly of the plant wall greening module, the metal components such as the corner iron, flat iron and so on are set on the steel structure of the exterior wall of the building.

(3) when designing the plastic module, the shape, structure and size of the steel structure of the exterior wall of the building are designed, and the geometric shape of the plastic module which can be installed on the frame, and the paper medium soil container and the irrigation system are designed.

(4) a single plastic module is made into a container, the thickness of the outer wall is 5 mm, the thickness of the middle septum is 3 mm, one injection molding, and the holes in the back and bottom of the container.

(5) the paper medium soil container is placed in the small square groove of the plastic container, and then put into the light planting nutrient soil, and the shallow root plant with strong covering power is planted, and the side roots of this kind of plant are developed, and it is fast combined with the medium nutrient soil.

So let's not see that the plant wall is just a small wall. Its production process is still very complex, which is a great challenge to the designers' technology.

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